Our Senior Leadership Team

With decades of expertise, our Noridian leadership team sets the vision of where we are headed in the future.

Laura Werk

Senior Vice President (SVP), Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Benoit

Senior Vice President (SVP), Customer Relations

Todd Knain

Senior Vice President (SVP), Chief Information Officer

Troy Aswege

Senior Vice President (SVP), Operations

Woody Barela

Senior Vice President (SVP), Chief Growth Officer

Jennifer Sandell

Senior Vice President (SVP) of Strategy and Risk Management

Ranga Nutakki

Senior Vice President (SVP) and General Counsel

Board of Directors

At Noridian, we are led by a board of directors. Many measures have been taken to guarantee independence and expertise on our board. All members are unaffiliated with health care providers and three are independent of Noridian, other than serving on the board.

Dan Conrad


Karen Klein

Vice Chair

Tim Huckle

Board Member

Amy Caro

Board Member

David Sprynczynatyk

Board Member

Peter Zimmerman

Board Member

Cyndee Thormodson

Board Member

How our board of directors is chosen

Our Audit, Compliance and Governance Committee helps define requirements for new members. The committee weighs issues such as judgment, diversity, experience, understanding of government regulation and many other areas.

The committee then makes recommendations to the Board on director selection. Board members are limited to four three-year terms, for a total of 12 years.

The second Board committee is the Finance and Human Resources Committee. The purpose of this committee is to oversee all areas of finance that are delegated to the committee including reviewing recommendations as to compensation and benefits philosophy and Noridian’s annual budget.


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