Noridian is changing a culture to find innovation everywhere

Innovative ideas are everywhere. That’s why Noridian’s leadership development training empowers Noridian staff at every level to mature ideas and bring them to fruition.

In the last half-decade, Noridian has intentionally recognized innovation throughout the organization. No one is waiting for leadership to drive change and innovation; rather, it’s a shared responsibility. It takes place in the claims management area, medical review team, provider management team, contact center and even at the water cooler. Throughout the organization, ideas are shared formally through Noridian’s internal idea-sharing platform or casually through conversations.

While it’s a relatively straightforward concept, fostering leadership and innovation from every part of an organization requires substantial effort. First, it requires a psychologically safe environment, one where employees feel heard and respected. It also requires a methodology to facilitate and build on one another’s ideas. And, it requires the ability to move an idea to the next level. Those are the skills developed through Noridian’s learning and development program.

A “strong bench” ensures professional growth and client satisfaction

In a business like ours, there’s continual personnel movement. A new contract or a process change typically means people are pulled into new roles. The leadership development program ensures there’s talent ready to fill vacancies and add value from the start. That way, client metrics and satisfaction always remain high.

Ultimately, a “strong bench” means more growth opportunities. While the organization grows, so do employees. Those interested in developing leadership skills begin with an assessment that covers three areas:

  1. Agreement on Noridian’s goal to be the industry leader
  2. How will you contribute to industry leadership?
  3. What do you need to make your contribution?

The assessment is the launchpad for robust, tailored plans that facilitate ongoing individual growth while moving the company toward common goals. As director of talent development, Victoria Simonson puts it, “At Noridian, leadership is not something we do; it’s an extension of who we are.”

Training is more about mindset and less about process

In an industry where efficiency, accuracy and process reign, Noridian has turned its lens toward employees. Why? Because when you take care of employees, all the other metrics follow.

On this viewpoint, Noridian zigs when others zag. While it would be easier to follow the rest of the industry and simply train staff for transactional work, Noridian trains employees to innovate. The Noridian way leads to a more rewarding experience.

“Even the most technical solutions have a service layer,” says Jesse Score, manager of operations. “Think of chatbots, AI and similar technologies. When front-line employees have design input, the end product provides a better service experience… and at the end of the day, that’s what we are—a service organization.”