Noridian Helps Solve Rural Health Disparity—Part 2

Heavily reliant on government payers, reimbursement is the lifeline for rural providers.

Large health systems, usually urban, have the sophisticated infrastructure to connect with payers. Conversely, independent rural providers do not.

Through six decades of working with a large rural provider audience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of their unique business issues, some of which include:

  • Every reimbursement is critical to keeping the lights on and salaries paid
  • Less technology translates into more manual processes to seek reimbursement
  • With fewer dedicated resources, keeping on top of regulatory changes is a bigger effort
  • Administrative staff wear many hats

Noridian empowers rural providers

Providers associated with large health systems typically have the ability to delegate administrative tasks. Rural independents do not.

Noridian’s provider management and support services help fill some of the gaps. And while that service has earned industry recognition, more importantly, it’s earned the trust of providers nationwide. Providers that, with our support, have better odds of remaining viable to serve our rural neighbors.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for independent rural providers is they feel ignored

Existing provider relationships can help drive rural access

Many care models that benefit urban populations leave the rural population without viable access to providers. Just one example includes Medicare Advantage, designed to keep premiums low by limiting the provider network. However, the networks rarely include rural providers. Many other networks also limit access in rural America.

Alongside other rural health advocates, Noridian is providing input program development that benefits rural health participants.

As that happens, Noridian stands ready with existing provider relationships throughout rural America.

In fact, of all underserved areas nationwide, 30% of providers therein have existing relationships with Noridian. We envision an environment where it will be easy for rural providers to participate in new or expanded programming and serve their rural constituents.



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