EDI Partners Teams with Noridian to Offer EDI Outsourcing Services

Mar 19, 2017

Supporting a more cost-effective electronic data interchange (EDI) model for health care payers, EDI Partners has teamed with Noridian for EDI outsourcing services. The services supported by the partnership will include data collection and communication between the health care provider and payer in support of all business functions including eligibility verification, claims collection, claims status, claims remittance and clinical information exchange.

EDI Partners will support the core X12 transactions established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and will be charged with supporting new versions of the transactions as required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as well as a focus on working with a payer’s trading partners to ensure controls are in place to resolve issues based on a payer’s service-level agreements (SLAs). ”EDI Partners chose to partner with Noridian because of their experience, expertise and ability to deliver cost-effective quality solutions for their government and commercial health care clients,” stated Kent Benton, president and CEO of EDI Partners.

Operations supported by Noridian will include receiving, editing and validating the transactions, and reformatting and delivering the transactions to their appropriate destination. Tom McGraw, president and CEO of Noridian, said, “We are excited to be teaming with EDI Partners with their pioneering history, expertise and leadership in this space and leveraging our government and commercial EDI scale and experience to reach new customers together.”

Noridian will also perform appropriate testing to ensure seamless transaction routing in the required HIPAA format and version. An experienced partner in handling health care transactions, Noridian currently processes more than 100 million claims annually serving more than 250,000 providers and more than 10 million beneficiaries.

About EDI Partners, Inc.

EDI Partners, Inc. is a Richmond, Virginia, based company offering EDI outsourcing and B2B managed services since 1994. EDI Partners is focused on quality customer service in all of their service offerings including complete outsourcing, staff augmentation, custom development, mapping, translation and data communication services.