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State Medicaid

State Medicaid programs are the key building blocks to reaching underserved populations. To accommodate high-volume enrollments and limited resources, Noridian designs effective solutions for state health care programs, whether they’re large or small, or serve rural or urban populations.

Easing the Burden on Providers

Since Medicaid programs vary from state to state, without a common language, Noridian specifically concentrates on reducing the provider burden by making programs easy to understand. Part of our service includes identifying, educating and coaching provider organizations struggling with claims.

Key Services

Claims Management

All claims management is not created equally. Noridian’s innovative workflow design brings efficiency, transparency and consistency to the process.

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Customer Service

Across the industry, Noridian raises the bar with award-winning contact centers.

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Provider Management

Providers are key to the efficacy and reputation of government health care programs.

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Medical Review

More than 100 full-time nurses and physicians apply their deep subject matter expertise to Noridian’s portfolio of services.

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